Stan Hill


Anything Goes

Our most Senior and Seasoned Presenter Stan Hill, now past 90 years of age and still fully in command of a mic and has rich and interesting stories to tell

Stan spent many years “on the boards” playing leading roles in many acclaimed productions which ranged from farce to comedy to drama to musicals. He played Benedick in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing produced by Robert Mohr and Henry Higgins in the acclaimed production of My Fair Lady. The Merry Widow saw him with Leonore Veenemans where he played San Brioche. He played Tartuff in the Moliere Classic Tartuff with Timothy Heale.

He played numerous roles in Joan Blake’s Non-U-Review and worked with many leading producers including Peggy Ingles, Marjorie Gordon, Leonard Schach, Joan Blake and Robert Mohr.

He wrote and was the interlocutor (chairman) of many Old Time Musical Hall shows. These riotous shows ran for many years.

His last stage appearance was with Rex Garner in Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

He appeared in numerous Television Advertisements with his radio career beginning in 2014 when he gave an audition CD to James, the program manager, at Radio Today in the Rose Garden. He then compiled and began broadcasting Anything Goes, the show with a difference, which has been running ever since.

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