Henni Erasmus


Majestic Memories

Henni Erasmus has been the proprietor of a Record Shop since Pa fell off the bus, and he knows exactly what sold and what we want to hear again.

Henni: theatre group night-out organiser; music enthusiast & collector since age 5; Joburg born (and thoroughly in-tune with all of its shifting whims & eclecticness); a consumate film historian & cinema fundi: prominently ‘cast’ as protagonist of many a vintage 16mm movie night – an excited witness to the advent of betamax & vhs (managing several video stores along the way, during those halcyon 80s’ high school days); nowadays the personable, passionate co-owner of The Majestic DVD Store, Greenside – your ‘go-to’ for an unbelievable movie variety ~ proudly in its 13th year of business.

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